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The casino is not only a trendy gambling business with roulette, slot machines, and gambling tables for card games and dice, but it is also a money circulation center where people come to spend and receive money. The attitude with which they do it is determined by the casino’s architecture.

There are numerous peculiarities in the author’s casino design development. To increase consumer spending, it’s critical to consider every component of the casino. Colours, lights, layout, noises, and fragrances are all deliberately chosen to entice gamers in. As a result, only professionals should be entrusted with the task of designing a casino. We are up to date on all global design trends that can impact your company’s efficiency.

The Furniturewest creates contemporary commercial and residential interiors. For a long time, our design will be relevant and fashionable, creative and functional, and it will answer a variety of problems:

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A set budget for
the project’s execution;


Creating a phytodesign and
a plant maintenance strategy.


All sections, including engineering, design, and technology, are being developed.


An acoustic solution and soundproofing project that will aid in the separation of rooms with various concepts;

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Creation of photorealistic representations that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the environment of the future gambling facility even before construction begins;

The importance of good casino interior design cannot be overstated. This is one of the most crucial aspects influencing the amount of money made by casinos. Visitors will spend more money and the casino will be more successful if it has a well-designed interior with a consistent aesthetic.

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Furniturewest is an expert at this. We have a fantastic team of professionals who can travel to your location and assess your space, providing recommendations based on your company’s culture, needs, future plans, and budget. We constantly choose the top contractors that are ready to put any proposal into action in a timely manner. We’ve done over 75 thousand square meters throughout the years. And this is only the start.

Emili Derk, Creative Director

Emili Derk,

Creative Director

Emili Derk is a licensed and registered interior designer. Derk is the team’s inventive leader, striving for overall design success through architecturally engaging interiors with smart space-planning and dynamic finishes that include clients’ creative notions, in addition to handling client interactions.

Kate W. Novel, Senior Interior Designer

Kate W. Novel,

Senior Interior Designer

Kate may not be a Canadian native, but she has spent the majority of her 12 years in the design profession in the country. Kate is kept on her toes by living and working in a community that promises to shock and awe her. She takes pleasure in her ability to keep one step ahead of the game, with a style that is both trendy and original. Her passion is anticipating industry trends and consumer desires.

Mike Robinson, Senior Designer

Mike Robinson,

Senior Designer

Flexing the muscles we’re frightened to utilize gives us a sense of strength. This is why you’ll find Mike attempting to try everything at least once. His credo is to embrace fear and to be at ease with discomfort. Mike brings 15 years of design experience. He adds dedication, passion, and serenity to an industry that can be wonderfully hectic and complex.